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From many years of experiences, we are a group of friends those have been working in tourism business for a long
time, mostly over 15 years decided to share our experiences and knowledge to provide a good excursions for you,
the visitors those come to visit the North of Thailand to make your trips being wonderful and memorable.

In the name of "Chiangmai Travel Tour".

Emi, 16 years experience in trekking and adventure tours in the north and the most recommended tour guide for adventure tours,. John and Sam, 22 years experience in educational, family vacations and adventure tours and also a tour guide for the clients of American Express, E & O, and Travcoa. Sutti, a buddy of Emi,18 years experiences in trekking and advanture tours . Nid, 17 years experience tour guide for Grand circle, E & O and Travcoa.

We look forward to giving you extremely service by a knowledgeable, friendly and professional team to make your trip
colorful, memorable and worth to the budget you spent.
• Northern Highlight Trip

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